Nothing Like Staring at a Blank Piece of Paper…

Oh wait, yes there is: staring at a blank screen…

I know what you’re thinking, a cop-out post… yeah, well… my little black book is short on 15 minute material. What’s a fella to do?

As I started the timer over two minutes ago, I am now aware that every second that passes where I don’t write anything is a wasted opportunity, so with this in mind, I will just write.

You may or may not know that I am a manager; an ambiguous title these days, I know. It seems most people are a manager of something, but I am a manager in the more traditional sense in that I have several teams of people that are in my employ to perform functions as part of a wider operation. Officially I am an Operations Manager, but in reality, it is not the operation that needs managing, but rather people; thus, I am a People Manager.

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Nothing Like Staring at a Blank Piece of Paper…

15 Minute Posts…

The problem with being so busy is that it is very easy to make excuses not to write. So I have come up with a plan. Yes, the clue is in the name…  aren’t you clever! 

15 minute post – the perfect amount of time to cook some fish fingers. In fact, if you told me I only had fifteen minutes left to live…. no, wait… 20 minutes left to live, I would put some fish fingers in th… wait. If you told me I only had 25 minutes left to live… oh bugger it. You get the point, I really like fish fingers. Anyway…

I decided I want to write more; I was happier when I wrote more, but then I got, what some might call, a responsible job and then basically stopped writing. I don’t even write in my journal much these days. Shame on me. So my plan… is to just stop making excuses and write more. You may recall a post I wrote many moons ago in which I was lamenting the use of my great material – I am modest, I swear – on this blog where very few people, in the grand scheme of things, will see it. This led me to think that surely if there are few people coming across my blog, and the most that do are merely following/liking with the hope of reciprocation, then I really am doing no harm in writing crappy little 15 minute nuggets. I told you I was modest.

In all seriousness, my desire is to just write more, but with the limited time I actually have. So there you have it. And I still have time to spare… hmmm.

The little black book needs to be taken out of retirement, I think.

I have been terribly negative recently and want to change that. I have been reading on happiness in the hope that by merely changing my focus and what I give attention to, I will somehow passively absorb good vibes. It seems to be working a bit.

To be continued….

15 Minute Posts…

Never quite the end…

There was a time when writing was a huge part of my life, it was all I was about. Every day I would write down notes in my little black book. I carried this book with me everywhere, it lived in my satchel along with my journal, my fountain pen, a general note book and whatever I was reading at the time.

I used to look at the world through the eyes of a writer, creating paragraphs in my mind about everything I saw and everything I felt. I was much less stressed back then, things were much more simple – generally speaking, that is. Of course, there were major things happening, and I have always been rather tightly wound, but there was always the peace and calm that the writing gave me.

I miss it.

Everything has its purpose in life, I firmly believe that. If only as an explanation of why one is where they are. To me, this still brings comfort. For a while, I thought the purpose of this blog was to deal the anguish of the break up with my ex-girlfriend and to reflect and learn who I was and what I wanted to be. Then I thought it was all a means to meet my current girlfriend, but upon deeper reflection, my whole life has been a preparation exercise for meeting Lauren; it could not have happened at any other time, it simply would not have worked.

So what reasons did I have left to write on this blog? None that I could think of; I write in my journal when I want to reflect; Lauren and I laugh so much, I have no need to amuse myself with silly stories on this blog anymore; I have a book in which to write my professional reflections, knowing that they will be wasted here in cyberspace.

But I have never shut the blog down, that would be too final. I haven’t written anything for months, but today, something pushed me towards it. I do not know why; this is probably very uninteresting to most people out there. But then, there is nothing I could write, short of apocalyptic prophecies, that would have an impact on most people out there, so it’s pointless to worry about. Although, there does seem to be one recurring post that never fails to receive daily hits, albeit for all the wrong reasons; I once wrote about the doctor examining my testicles. Don’t me why, but whenever someone enters a testicular manhandling (or womanhandling) related search, google seems to send them to me. Thanks for that, but people may get the wrong idea about me. Anyway…

The truth is, there is something different about writing here; it feels more like a conversation; it is more forgiving; I am not wasting anything by doing it; and at the end of the day, it allows me to just write as the feeling takes me, and I find this much more difficult to achieve on paper, goodness knows why…

The only thing that has troubled me about the blog is how consuming the stats become. It spoils it. And that I cannot stand.

My writing has always been disjointed and the blog has never had a robust theme per se, but I have always written with my tongue in cheek, with absolute honesty and with a very dry humour.

So on that note, I will leave it there and go and brush my teeth because I forgot this morning and Lauren keeps complaining about my smelly breath. Poor poor woman. I don’t deserve her. Luckily, she is not aware of this.


Never quite the end…

Weekly Writing Challenge….

What is challenging about being spoon fed an idea?

A million bloggers writing about the same thing. Quite frankly, it depresses me.

The real challenge is to generate your own ideas week in week out; day in day out.

I am a firm believer in quality, not quantity; the number of times I hear the advice “Post frequently” unsettles me; another contributor to the droves of drivel that plague not just, but the entire world wide web.

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Weekly Writing Challenge….

Truths And Illusions of Adulthood…

When I was younger, I thought all adults were infallible; I trusted everything they said as truth; I believed they had all knowledge. I would give my Granddad the hardest sums I could think of and he would always tell me the answer; three times…… a billion, for example. He was the cleverest person I knew.

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Truths And Illusions of Adulthood…