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Dead Smiles And A Torturous Bitch…

“She has a smile like that of someone suffering the acrid onslaught of their own flatulence, whilst desperately hoping that the person to whom they are talking does not notice; it’s a smile, but she’s dead behind the eyes.”

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This is what happens….

These are the search terms for the last 30 days that led people to my blog….


balls being cupped 2
play with my balls 2
playing with my balls 2
how many biscuits is too many 1
cupping testicles 1
3 women cupping boys balls 1
invisible spider 1
i love my balls played with 1
lady cupped my genitals 1
too many biscuits 1
friend played with my balls 1
fondling a stranger in the night 1
she cupped my balls 1
doctors check my balls 1
how to play with my balls 1
massage my balls 1
female doctor cupped nuts 1
she cupped my nuts 1
she fondelled my balls 1
fondling testicles 1
cupping a mates balls


Wow. That is all I have to say.


“What goes around, comes around…”

“What goes around, comes around,” she commented, not knowing at the time that she would have the chance to prove herself right.

This prophetic statement was uttered one morning by one of the catering staff after I had paid for my breakfast.

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Honk-a-donk and I; the first date

Marcus L:

So you have 4,236 followers from your blog? Whoopie shit, I bagged me the bestest bitch in the world with mine.
I win.

Originally posted on LauGraEva:

Ah! The much-wanted long-waited sequel post to “Honk-a-donk and I; a relationship beginning with WordPress“!


So the anniversary of such a famous first date is coming up (Saturday 12th), and we are actually going to re-visit the famous places that we famously went to on our famously fabulous first famous date famous.

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