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Weekly Writing Challenge….

What is challenging about being spoon fed an idea?

A million bloggers writing about the same thing. Quite frankly, it depresses me.

The real challenge is to generate your own ideas week in week out; day in day out.

I am a firm believer in quality, not quantity; the number of times I hear the advice “Post frequently” unsettles me; another contributor to the droves of drivel that plague not just, but the entire world wide web.

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My Personal Favorites, Wisdom

Truths And Illusions of Adulthood…

When I was younger, I thought all adults were infallible; I trusted everything they said as truth; I believed they had all knowledge. I would give my Granddad the hardest sums I could think of and he would always tell me the answer; three times…… a billion, for example. He was the cleverest person I knew.

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This is what happens….

These are the search terms for the last 30 days that led people to my blog….


balls being cupped 2
play with my balls 2
playing with my balls 2
how many biscuits is too many 1
cupping testicles 1
3 women cupping boys balls 1
invisible spider 1
i love my balls played with 1
lady cupped my genitals 1
too many biscuits 1
friend played with my balls 1
fondling a stranger in the night 1
she cupped my balls 1
doctors check my balls 1
how to play with my balls 1
massage my balls 1
female doctor cupped nuts 1
she cupped my nuts 1
she fondelled my balls 1
fondling testicles 1
cupping a mates balls


Wow. That is all I have to say.